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    Propargyl alcohol process

    1.Process introduction 

    The formaldehyde is diluted with water to the required concentration, mixed with the returned catalyst and the newly added catalyst, neutralized with soda to PH: 7-8, and the material is pumped from the mixing tank to the bottom of the first-stage reactor with an infusion pump, and then enters the first-stage reactor. Reactor; (2.0Mpa) acetylene from the compressor also enters the first-stage reactor; after the first-stage reactor comes out, it directly enters the second-stage reactor; after the second-stage reactor comes out, it enters the next-stage reactor; the reaction temperature of each stage The temperature is 3-8°C in a stepwise manner. In this way, after the circulation comes out of the last stage of the reactor, the material is pumped into the filter with filter cloth through the material pump to separate the catalyst from the liquid material, and a part of the catalyst is returned and mixed with the new catalyst into dilute formaldehyde. in the jar. The liquid material enters the rectification separation device to refine the finished product. 

    2.Significant advantages of the technology package 

    1)independent intellectual property rights; 

    2)The catalyst has a long service life and high selectivity; 

    3)High efficient utilization of energy, low unit consumption and less three wastes; 

    4)Intelligent operation; 

    5)Low intensity of inspection and maintenance operations; 

    6)investment province; 

    3.Process flow diagram of propargyl alcohol 


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