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    Maleic anhydride to BDO process

    1.Process introduction 

    The process route from maleic anhydride to BDO is divided into three processes: esterification process, ester hydrogenation process and refining process. The specific process flow is as follows: molten maleic anhydride reacts with methanol in a monoester reactor to generate monomethyl maleate (MMM), which is then converted into dimaleic acid in an esterification reaction tower. Methyl ester (DMM); dimethyl maleate enters the first-stage hydrogenation reactor, and under the action of the first-stage hydrogenation catalyst, reacts with the circulating hydrogen to generate dimethyl succinate (DMS), dimethyl succinate The ester enters the second-stage hydrogenation reactor, and continues to react with hydrogen under the action of the second-stage hydrogenation catalyst to generate 1,4-butanediol (BDO), γ-butyrolactone (GBL), and tetrahydrofuran (THF); The generated crude product is de-refined, and finally high-purity main product BDO, by-product GBL and THF are obtained.

    The dimethyl succinate (DMS) product produced by the first-stage hydrogenation reactor can also be drawn out, and directly enter the refining process without going through the second-stage hydrogenation reactor to obtain the high-purity product DMS. 

    2.Significant advantages of the technology package 

    1)independent intellectual property rights; 

    2)The same raw material and the same device can produce both BDO and DMS; 

    3)The product has high purity and excellent quality; 

    4)High efficient utilization of energy, low unit consumption and less three wastes; 

    5)Intelligent operation; 

    6)Low intensity of inspection and maintenance operations; 

    7)investment province; 

    3.Process flow diagram 


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