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    Iron molybdenum formaldehyde process

    The iron-molybdenum method is based on a high-performance iron-molybdenum catalyst, which is operated in the lower explosion limit range of methanol-air, and is purified, preheated and oxidized to form formaldehyde. The formaldehyde plant produced by the iron-molybdenum catalyst process has a large production capacity, a high methanol conversion rate, up to 95%-99%, low methanol consumption per unit, and can produce high-concentration formaldehyde without concentration. low, and the catalyst has a long service life. Using high activity and high selectivity iron molybdenum catalyst, under the reaction conditions of 240~400℃, the formaldehyde yield can reach 91%~94%.

    Main reaction:

    CH3OH + 1/2O2 → HCHO + H2O

    side effects:

    CH3OH + O2 → CO + 2H2O

    CH3OH + O2 → HCOOH + H2O

    2CH3OH → CH3OCH3 + H2O

    Process composition:

    Heat transfer oil system, boiler feed water system, process water system, exhaust emission control system (ECS), and circulating cooling water system.

    Flow chart: 


    Process operation parameters:

    Methanol conversion rate ≥ 99%;

    Formaldehyde yield ≥92%;

    Methanol in the product≤0.4(wt)%;

    Formic acid in the product≤300ppm

    Methanol consumption ≤427kg/t (formaldehyde)

    By-product steam≥800kg/t (formaldehyde)

    Process features:

    1. High formaldehyde yield and low methanol consumption.

    2. The concentration of formaldehyde solution is high, and no additional concentration equipment is required.

    3. The methanol content in the product is low, the product quality is stable, and it is more suitable for downstream process applications.

    4. High-grade steam can be produced as a by-product.

    5. The life of the device is more than 30 years.

    6. High automation control, high security and environment friendly.

    7. The catalyst has a long service life. 

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