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    Over 3 billion yuan of total contracted new coal chemical project started in full swing

    On February 10, the ethanol combined plant of the methanol comprehensive utilization project of Anhui Tanxin Technology Co., Ltd., which was contracted by Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. EPC, held a civil construction pile foundation project, marking the full start of the ethanol combined plant site.


    There are about 231 cast-in-place piles in the pile foundation engineering of the ethanol combined plant of the project, which are located in the core areas such as the carbonylation reactor frame, the methyl acetate reactor frame, and the key equipment foundation. The cast-in-place pile operation will last for one month, and this full-scale start has created favorable conditions for the subsequent civil foundation construction.


    Beiyou Engineering Company EPC contracted the world's largest ethanol plant for this project, with a construction scale of 600,000 tons per year. The device adopts Yanchang Zhongke DMTE technology, uses methanol and synthesis gas as raw materials, and produces high value-added ethanol products through methanol dehydration, dimethyl ether carbonylation, methyl acetate hydrogenation and separation.

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