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    Invested 127 billion yuan in coal chemical projects "landing"!

    Recently, the green new material circular economy industrial park project of Jiangsu Sierbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. of Shenghong Holding Group has obtained the approval of the land use pre-examination and planning opinions of the Ordos Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources (EZZZIFA [2022] No. 41).

    The project covers an area of 728.4062 hectares (including 725.1476 hectares of agricultural land and 3.2586 hectares of construction land). The project will guide the extension and transformation of traditional coal chemical products to high-end chemical products, polymer chemical fiber materials, and terminal application fields, and promote the entire industrial chain of modern coal chemical industry, in-depth and differentiated process extension and value-added.

    On April 19, 2021, the People's Government of Ordos City and Shenghong Holding Group Jiangsu Sierbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. signed a green new material circular economy industrial park project investment agreement in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, marking the official launch of Shenghong's 100 billion yuan investment project Landed in Dalat Economic Development Zone.

    The green new material circular economy industrial park project of Shenghong Holding Group Jiangsu Sierbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 127 billion yuan and is carried out in two phases, including:

    The first phase of investment is 67 billion yuan, and it is planned to be fully completed by August 2024. It mainly builds methanol and downstream production of acetic acid, formaldehyde, acrylic acid, 1.8 million tons/year of olefins and degradable materials, superabsorbent resins and other high-end new materials. Fine chemical products, after the project is completed, it is expected to achieve sales revenue of 23 billion yuan, realize annual profits and taxes of about 3 billion yuan, and provide 6,000 local jobs;

    The second-phase investment is 60 billion yuan. It is planned to be implemented in March 2027 and completed in August 2030. It mainly builds methanol, methanol-to-olefins and downstream chemical new material equipment projects. After the completion of the project, it is expected that the annual sales revenue will exceed 43 billion yuan, and the annual profit and tax will reach 5.6 billion yuan, which will directly drive 11,000 local jobs.

    Covering the fields of coal-to-olefins, coal-to-ethylene glycol, coal-to-natural gas, coal-to-oil, coal-to-ethanol, coal-to-aromatics, coal-based new materials, and coal quality utilization;

    Including newly registered projects to be built, under construction, and put into production, a total of 247 projects;

    ◎ Project data

    Specifically include:

    project name

    Project status (proposed, under construction, put into production)

    Investor owner unit

    Project construction site

    Project capacity scale

    Core process selection

    General contractor design institute, etc.;

    Data covers demonstration projects, key projects, key provinces and regions, and coal chemical industry bases;

    ◎ Specifications

    Size: length 115cm, width 85cm;

    Material: Laminated photo paper printing, high-definition data, the overall situation of the industry is clear at a glance;

    ◎ Price

    398 yuan / copy, domestic free shipping, with electronic version of the project data;

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