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    Methanol cracking hydrogen production process

    Introduction of methanol cracking hydrogen production process package 

    1.Process introduction 


    Methanol and desalinated water are mixed in a certain proportion, preheated by a heat exchanger, and then sent to a vaporization tower. The vaporized water-methanol vapor is overheated by a boiler heater and then enters the converter for catalytic cracking and shift reaction in the catalyst bed. The gas contains about 74% hydrogen and 24% carbon dioxide. After heat exchange, cooling and condensation, it enters the water washing absorption tower. The tower still collects the unconverted methanol and water for recycling, and the top gas is sent to the pressure swing adsorption device for purification. According to the different requirements for product gas purity and trace impurity components, the purity can reach 99.9~99.999% by adopting the process of four towers or more. The carbon dioxide in the reformed gas can be purified to food grade by a pressure swing adsorption device for use in the beverage and alcohol industries. This can greatly reduce production costs. Process setting: After the carbon dioxide is separated by the pressure swing adsorption device, the reformed gas rich in hydrogen is sent to the pressure swing adsorption device for purification after being pressurized. 

    2.Significant advantages of the technology package 

    1)Methanol cracking to produce hydrogen with small footprint 

    2)The internal structure of the reactor develops into microchannels, increasing the rate of mass and heat transfer; 

    3)New methanol cracking catalysts are developing towards low temperature; 

    4)Skid-mounted integrated design enables mobile hydrogen production; 

    5)Intelligent operation; 

    6)High efficient utilization of energy, low unit consumption and less three wastes; 

    7)Low intensity of inspection and maintenance operations; 

    8)independent intellectual property rights; 

    9)Investment province

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